Slept past seminar

with the help of winter chills

that bring endless colds.


No warmth in the sheets

or limbs willing to share

what heaters won’t give.


I slowed each word spoke,

chasing after sentences

trying to escape.


The fire was burning,

when I stumbled in with bags

spilling from my arms.


Searching for a name,

As is: ‘own work’, written by’,

not just about her.

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  1. The holiday week
    Didn’t seem to be too kind
    But now it’s over


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Born in Shropshire, England, Miss Forrester is currently studying History at Bath Spa University. With poems published in ‘Here and Now’ by United Press, ‘Express Yourself’ by Young Writers and a self-published collection titled ‘As I Stand So Far’, poetry was always her first passion. However, with plans for a collection of short stories to be published within the next few months and numerous novels currently at the half-way stage; she is no stranger to prose. Contained within this site is a collection of her shorter stories, poetry, attempts at monthly challenges, sporadic journal updates and the online collection of Flash Fiction ‘Headquarters’.

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