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In Warmer Climes


“Pass us that hat would you?” Death asked, “These midges seem to be making a buffet out of my scalp.”

“You sure?” Looking at the hat he was referring to I wondered if it was more than the midges getting to him. Hot countries always left him a bit, well, off.

“Just hand it over already.”

I shrugged but did as he said. The previous owner didn’t seem to mind too much, but then again he was already halfway across the Otherside and what was left was raw meat about to turn bad.

“Five more,” I said. “Then we’re done.”

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  1. Cleverly designed page, clean and fun to explore. Nice! —Jadi

  2. Wow, this is an amazing blog…..wow…what poems you have on here and like Jadi Campbell said a cleverly designed page, fun to explore. Also, to see that you have 392 Followers. Amazing….maybe I’ll start following. I love the way you used this theme. Good way to get a reader’s attention. In conclusion, I’m also a NanoWrimo Participant. I’m not that amazing as a writer like you. You are truly a writing figure.

  3. I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. You can check out the award and the rules in this blog post:


  4. I love the layout of your blog and your posts! thank you so much for following me :)

  5. Hello. I found your blog on the Community Pool and so far it looks very interesting and intruiging. Sometimes, all it takes is a glance to get someone interested and this page did it for me. Off to check out more of your stuff.

    Best regards!

  6. The design of this page is absolutely brilliant. Now, I have a lot of clicking to do because I want to know who these characters are :).

    • I’m glad that it appealed to you and I’m glad you’re interested. I need to get some pics up for my current novel which means tracking down my illustrator (i.e my overly generous best friend.)

  7. Your site is lovely and thanks so much for visiting me on Trifecta!

  8. bonjour Carol,
    je découvre ton blog et j’aime
    de Brest, je vous salue bien !

  9. Love, Love, Love the background! Poetry and illustrations- wow!

  10. Thanks for your feedback on my questions regarding my blog, I much appreciate it. I wasn’t sure about adding some of my photos but I think I might, it will probably liven it up a bit! Especially now that I’ve looked at yours! Your theme and everything looks amazing! Good job!

  11. Just discovered your blog, it looks really interesting. Looking forward to reading.

  12. Carol,
    My fish appreciated your feeding them – they are always hungry.
    Glad you fed them so I found your blog.

  13. I’m happy to see that you collaborate. I illustrate for the poet Nicelle Davis. We have a few books and video poems out there in the universe.


    • I’ll have a look.
      I think collaborating is a great way to expand creativity, I know that personally I always find my writing more motivated when Toni is chucking artwork my way.

  14. Oh wow! I wondered why I hadn’t seen any new posts from you. This is Lysa btw. I don’t know why you were no longer in my follows. All fixed now :)

  15. Great imagination. This is what really happens at the other side?

    • Having never been to ‘the other side’ I couldn’t say for sure. Death is certainly a character I liked working with in my writing however, it provides the opportunity to switch up traditional opinion and completely manipulated a personality while still having a clearly defined character that people recognised.
      Thank you for the comment. :D

  16. Wow your flash is awesome. So glad you liked one of my posts–as it brought me here. Great stuff :)

  17. What a terrific site you have! Lovely design and lots of interesting and fun reading. Great energy! Thanks so much for visiting my site.

    • Thank you so much for doing the same in return and such a lovely compliment. I’m very proud of what my site has become and it’s always lovely to hear that people are enjoying what I have here.

  18. Hi carol, thanks for contributing to the short story train I started a couple of days ago. I wondered if you’d be interested in contributing more and working on the story with the other further interested coathors and I- maybe by email. Let me know. :-)


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